Particle chip

Chip Headings

These Different heading options are for the text inside chips

Heading .hdg

Sub Head .sub-hdg

Sub Text .sub-txt

Normal Text .normal-txt

Chip Heading .chiphdg

Chip Sub Head .chip-subhdg

Chip Author .chip-author

There are two size of chips

  • You can use Image or Font icon in your Chips
  • The Text can have different headings from above available options

See the Pen QWwqMbz by amritcrome (@amritcrome) on CodePen.

These are chips with Functions

  • The functions can also be replaced with Images

See the Pen Particle Chip With function example by amritcrome (@amritcrome) on CodePen.

Right now, there are two type of functions

Search Function

See the Pen Particle Search function Example by amritcrome (@amritcrome) on CodePen.

Drop Down Function

  • The functions can also be used outside of a chip
  • This is a simpe drop-dowm menu. You can position drop-down content using .P-t0, .P-r0, P-l0, P-b0 classes.
  • You can style it in the way you want using .cor-menu class
  • It is not important to include only links in the drop down content you can also include Images or other stuff as required.

See the Pen Particle dropdown function example by amritcrome (@amritcrome) on CodePen.

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